Research Facilities

In our laboratory, lab benches in the draft chambers are public spaces, and are shared with all members.
The motion sensor is equipped and sounds an alarm if an operator leaves there without closing the window.
<Desk-working Space>
The lab space and desk-working space are divided by toughened glass windows.
NMR instrument (600 MHz)
Autosample changer for NMR measurement
LC-MS system(ESI-TOF)
Dehydrated and deoxygenated solvent-supply system
<Desk-working space>


Group meeting; Progress reports are presented by students
Safety meeting with all members, which will be held twice a year.
The softball tournament
The softball tournament
BBQ with all the East-1 bldg members.
BBQ with all the East-1 bldg members.
Farewell party for a student, who joined the Tius research group (Hawaii Univ.) as a postdoc.
Farewell party for a student, who entered ETH as a doctor course student.
Prof. Tius had stayed in O-okayama for a month and gave lectures for undergraduate students.
Group trip in summer
Group trip in summer
A international student from University of Oxford joined our laboratory for 2 months!